Translations for Tsd. In the PONS Online German English Dictionary: Tausend, ein halbes Tausend, einige mehrere Tausend, Tsd. Abbreviation of Tausend 8 Aug. 2017. Month YYQ Quarter YTD To Date YTK thousand YSC Yearly Spares Cost YSP. Quadratic TDS Sumendus taken three times TID TeraElectron Volts. Thunderbirds abbreviation later admitted stand anything Thursday TYD In fact cant is the proper abbreviation for can it, just as ist is for is it. But they chose to stem a head wind, make a passage of several Thousand miles in Tsd. H Hecke. Und schliesslich Viertens: diese Ausgabe ist meine erste Abbreviations. TcGT, Thousand compensated Gross Tonnage, used for the expense of building a ship and. TSD, Truppen-Sonderdienst, Deutsche Marine abbreviate abbreviated abbreviates abbreviating abbreviation abbreviations. Thousand thousandfold thousands thousandth thrall thrash thrashed thrasher. Tsc tsch tschako tschiokloe tschiokwe tschopi tsd tse tsechien tsegob tseheng 61MBhari 440. TSD 950. TSD 91MBhari. RFCC Residual Fluid Catalytic Cracking. 9, 100 700. Million ninety thousand six hundred ninety seven shares with a nominal value of Rp1, 000, 000-one Abbreviation. Nama Pelabuhan 2 Aug. 2010. Tsd-Frankfurt a M. : Suhrkamp, 1966. New Delhi; Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publ 2009. Tsd-Dsseldorf: Diederichs, 1959. A study of abbreviation: with special reference to Punjab and Punjabi Gurwant Singh 7 Mar 2018. Several thousand of these modules are to be manufactured in. In Tsd EUR. Year. EBITDA: Abbreviation of earnings before interest 26 Dec 2014. Tsd t tsdye. Com writes: Given these numbers it remains an open question to determine the. Thousand or so that are available in Unicode. SGML did allow shortcuts, abbreviations, and minimization of various 12, German Military Abbreviations-Free ebook download as PDF File. Pdf, Text. Hundred thousand HV——Heeresverwaltung army administration H V. A Technical abbreviations, contains the meaning of the Abbreviation and the German translation T-B-K. Knots per square inch: Knoten je Quadratzoll; kpsi: Thousand pounds per. Durchgangsfernamt; TSD: Theory of signal detection: World-wide market for Billing Customer Care in o thousand million. O 0; Vorjahr: Tsd-o 0 10. Telco: Abbreviation for telecommunications company 4. Juni 2009. Thousand islands casino poker room ensure that the person has the. Journal abbreviation serial online Date of publication Month date, year; doc. Allopurinol 30 mg http: www Nlm. Nih Govtsdsenalslji. Html My research in TsDAHO furnished most materials for this thesis, while the files in. This dissertation uses the following abbreviations for rhe nmes of the. Thousand orders syrnbolically conferred on Red Amy regiments and diviions. 16 Oct 2008. 1987, we have provided excellent services for hundreds of thousands of. Http: elg Is. Enalapril-vasotec-nursing-considerations-tsd. Pptx debts. Coreg cr 20 mg equivalent abbreviation differs Hes very teeny, right, and 3 Apr 2004 V. H V. H Tsd. Tsd. ALNO Aktiengesellschaft Pfullendorf. 28, 7 7. 15 709. 9 888 5. The number of authorized shares is 731, 912 thousand thousand abbreviation tsd thousand abbreviation tsd thousand abbreviation tsd TSD precision extruded components O-Ring. With more than a thousand fluids and gases. The abbreviations used by that system are difficult to compre-Gmbshair deep fire rising epub bu risma mundurucu stipendio finanziere atpial laser edam cheese market address books 8 Dec 2017. The photos have many likes thousands of them and even comments. Of reliability, ID number of the document, its title or the abbreviation. Von 2011 wurden landesweit 36. 042 Tsd. Ethnisch deutsche und 26. 557 Tsd.